Health Benefits of Maca Root

There are many benefits of maca root. Benefits include stamina and energy booster, hormonal balance for men and women, increase in fertility rate, increase in sexual drive and vigor, and many more benefits.

With so many benefits, maca root is now starting to gain traction in the world of medicine. Studies are continuosly being conducted to determine more benefits that can be provided by such marvelous herb, most notable in the field of cancer and AIDS.

Maca Root Products
With such marketability, maca root are now being process into different products readily to be taken in by the body. These products ranges, but not limited to the following: maca herbal supplement, maca dietary supplement, maca root coffee, or maca powder and pills. There are even maca pills for men.

Another product made from maca root that is now gaining recognition, especially for gourmet perosons, is the maca coffee.

It is usually composed of Columbian coffee (the native coffee of the Andes) mixed in with maca powdered products, thereby giving the coffee a maca root flavor enhancement – perfect for those who wants to take a morning booster with added benefits.

For vegan lovers, raw maca root pills are also available. But do note that taking raw maca root will require an acquired taste to fully enjoy the tase of maca root.

Also, maca powder or capsules can now be purchased online. Although maca root capsule or maca powder pills can’t still be bought at any over-the-counter drug stores because of geographical limitations and limited marketing, but with the constant usage of internet as forms of our social life and activities, maca root pills for men and maca capsules for women can now be ordered online.

What are you waiting for? Buy maca capsules now to get the full health benefits of maca.

Maca To Balance Hormones in Women

One of the most common uses that every herb poses is to aid in hormonal balance. Rise in testosterone in men and estrogen in women is one of the most common effects of maca for hormones.

For women, it increases estrogen level, aiding them in their menstrual symptoms. Another effect of rise in estrogen is breast enhancement.

It is well established that through a rise in estrogen, the enhancement of breast is more prominent. It also decreases testosterone level in women, making them less hair, thus making them lady-like.

Another study shows that by increasing estrogen level, menstrual cycle is more on the spot, making them a regular occurance in women. Also, for breastfeeding mothers, a rise in estrogen will make them lactate more, thereby aiding them in breastfeeding their babies.

Estrogen also aids in enhancement of female’s secondary traits, like enhancement in body shape, better hair color, smoother skin, and the like.

Maca for Hormone Balance in Men
Just like in women, maca root hormone balance exists for men. The main traits that are affected with the rise of testosterone level are increase in sexual drive, making men more aroused with no side effects to worry about. The health benefits of maca also include maintaining and enhancement of male reproductive system functioning, such as reproduction and development of sperm.

But not only are the main traits being enhanced by maca’s hormone balance, but also the secondary traits of men. These traits range from the coarseness/depth of the voice, more hair growth like moustache and beard, greater bodily structure for men, and better muscular toning and enhancement,

With so many benefits, maca root balances hormones in any gender, making such maca root for hormone balance a breakthrough in medicine. With no known side effects, it is now being marketed as the next wonder drug, available as either maca herbal supplement, or as maca pills for women.

Maca Root For Men

As a natural supplement for men, the health benefits of maca have a wide range for both men and women. For men, these include the following:

Increase in fertility rate
Maca and fertility have always gone hand in hand since ancient time. The Mayans have found out that maca root aids greatly in fertility rate. Studies show that it increases the sperm count for men. It directly increases the testosterone level needed to produce more sperms, thereby increasing fertility rate for men.

Increase in testosterone
Maca root for hormonal balance has started gaining significant attraction. You may wonder why? It is because one of the maca effects on men is the increase in testosterone level. Every male in the world wants to be the next Brad Pitt, great looks, good body tone and nice set of body muscles, not to mention lower body fat. Studies shows that by increasing testosterone level, it directly helps in molding the human body to a dominant male form: moustache and beard prominence, more manly features in cheek bone and jaw, greater shape in body muscles: chest, arms, longer shoulder width, better back postures, etc.

Stamina and energy enhancement
Best natural supplement for male atheletes that can’t be considered as doping. Maca root benefits men in sports, since it is pack with huge amount of carbohydrates and protein, the important minerals needed for athletes. It also contains other necessary amount of minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Prevention of Osteoporosis
In a male dominant world, males tend to work on the heavier side of the world, like in manufacturing, mining, manual labors and the like. And with loads heavier than our human body, bone structure and density are at risks of osteoporosis. Clinical studies shows that maca health benefits to men reduces the risks of getting an osteoporosis. Maca root contains huge amount of calcium next to a glass of milk.

Maca Root Effects on Men
By constantly taking maca root, maca root effect on men ranges from better muscle tone to more energy to do daily tasks. That also includes increase in energy output needed for athletes and gym aficionados. Unlike other doping medicine that are banned and illegal in many sporting events, maca root is so natural that it isn’t part of any list submitted by many anti-doping associations.

The increase in vigor and improvement of health in men is the basic maca health benefits for men, not to mention a clinical study that produces results, identifying that one of the maca root benefits for men is the prevention of prostate cancer, one of the most lethal disease that affects men. Through the increase stamina and energy, rise in testosterone level, coupled with proper food intake, daily exercise like body building and cardio-vascular activities, maca root prevents many of the lethal disease that can affect men.

Maca Root Fertility

Ever wonder why lots of people continue to try and purchase new “off-the-shelf” herbal medicines, especially when it comes to fertility issues even on the face of severe side-effects?

Ever wonder why every now and then, new drugs are released, and later on pulled out of the market? It is because the wonder drug, maca root, has been used by the Peruvians for centuries, but due to the roots’ habitation, maca root can only be grown, cultivated and harvested in the Andes Mountains.

Role of Maca Root and Fertility
The Mayans and Incas have used maca root for fertility rites since the ancient time. It is said that through these root crops, their numbers greatly multiplied. One of the main benefits of maca is aiding in fertility issues.

There are many benefits of maca root on fertility. Studies show that maca root benefits fertility greatly. By increasing hormone balance in men, sperm counts and production increases, thereby increasing the chance of fertility. In women, it regulates their menstruation cycle, thus increase the ovulation period for women.

Another maca fertility benefits is the increase of sexual vigor and drive in both gender. As an energy enhancer, you can have the stamina needed after a long winded day and still perform well in bed. Not only does it increase your stamina, it also increases your libido, making you perform better in bed.

Availability of Maca Root
Maca root, as a native root crop in the Andes region of Peru and Chile, can only be grown in their native land. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of people were constantly looks for alternative herbal medicine with less to no side effects to aid in their fertility woes. But with the advent of advance science and technology, you can now buy maca root powder for fertility in the market. All maca products in any forms, like maca herbal supplement, or the maca capsules for women are good as maca for fertility aid.

Maca Root Usage

In any normal scenarios, people would always be wary on taking too much or too less of their herbal supplements. The first, being with the fear of over-dosage, and the second, because of a possible side-effect on their herbal supplements.

But, with the commercialization of the wonder herb called maca root, a native crop of Andes Mountain, you would not have to worry on too much or too less maca dosage. Though maca powder dosage may vary from person to person, but overall, it may be taken in moderate quantity, since maca root is a staple diet of the Andes people because of the wide benefits of maca root.

How Do You Take Maca Powder
One might ask, “how do I use maca powder” or “how do I take maca powder” then? It is simple. Most powder form can either be filled in a capsule, which is, in this case, a more concentrated form, or, if purely in a powder form, can be prepared as one of the main ingredients of a soup based maca root. As a matter of fact, maca root now comes in as a maca root powder in coffee, thereby eliminating the need to find ways on how to use maca powder.

Maca Root Powder Dosage
The ancient Mayans and Incas, and unto this day, the Peruvians, uses maca root as one of their staple food. Thus, such practice shows us on how to take maca. But if taken in as a capsule or pill form, one capsule or pill per meal should suffice. And since no adverse side effect were found to be associated with the root crop, all age and all gender can safely take maca root in any form: capsule, pills or powdered form.

With so much health benefits of maca, maca capsules for men or maca pills for women are now being commercialized and sold in the market on a more regular basis. Most packaging will indicate the proper amount of dosage needed to fully be effective, so it would be better to follow such instruction, even if maca root can be taken in huge quantity with no side effects. Like the most common saying, “it is better to be safe than to be sorry”.

Maca Root For Women

Just like the maca root benefits for men, there are almost similarities in health benefits on maca herb for women.

Increase In Estrogen Levels
If an increase in testosterone will enhance the many manly feature in men, so will an increase in estrogen levels in women. Maca for hormones is now being marketed as the next estrogen booster with no side effects. An increase will result with a better body figure, more voluptuous curve (especially breast enhancement), and the most important female feature: fertility and menopause.

Increase In Fertility Rate
By increasing your estrogen levels, your reproductive organs produces fertile eggs, necessary for baby making. Not only will it increase your fertility rate, it helps in regulating your monthly period, thereby increasing your likelihood of fertility days.

Most women are worried when it comes to hormone replacement therapies. And they do have a point, since most supplement do have side effects. But with maca pills for women, being a natural herb, it acts as a natural herbal remedy for treating menopausal symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of libido and much more.

Energy booster
Being a mother is hard. From taking care of your kids and husband to household chores, a mother will need to have more energy to just complete a whole day load of chores. There are several energy boosters in the market, but none can compare to maca root as a natural remedy with no side effects. Packed with huge amount of carbohydrates, proteins and other essential minerals, Maca root can help you increase your stamina, helping you finish your daily tasks with some energy to spare.

Prevention of Osteoporosis
Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. That is why a lot of milk products are being marketed as anti-osteoporosis. Maca for women, containing essential calcium (the only herb that contains calcium), helps prevents osteoporosis.

With the increase of involvement of women in male dominated society, energy and herbal supplements are in big demand. Maca root comes in many forms that are easily available in the market: capsules and pills. Maca capsules for women are one of the common maca supplements that can easily be obtained in the market. With no side effects, women in all ages can take these supplements and expect the wonderful benefits of maca.

Maca Root – What Is It?

We want to be the ideal person we want. It’s human nature. Some would want the perfect body. Others wants to have a higher stamina for work and bed. Most wants high fertility rate.


Those are reasons why the fabled myth of “Fountain of Youth” exists. All of us wanted the best that we can have in our body, and is the reason why so many “herbal” medicine exists, without the heed of terrible side effects.

But our ancient ancestors did discover a real herbal medicine that can give us all we want – sans the side effects. They discovered the wonderful benefits of maca root, which ranges from enhancing energy and stamina, to memory and fertility; from curing anemia, to chronic fatigue. Women love using them since it aids in menstrual problems and hormone growth. Men do loves them since it’s more potent than any medicine that aids erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement.

History and What Does Maca Root Do?
But first, what is maca? Grown in its native homeland of cold and high platues of the Andes Mountain, maca root is a radish like root that has been cultivated and used by the ancient Mayans, Incas and Aztecs for the last 3000 years. They’ve used them as medicine and as a part of their ancient rites of fertility and health.

How Does it Work?
Studies show that maca root has high nutritional content, similar to our ordinary rice and wheat: 75% carbohydrates, 10 protein, 8.5 fiber, 2.2 fats, calcium, and potassium. It also contains the essential elements of iron, iodine, copper, manganese, and zinc as well as fatty acids including linolenic acid (a fatty acid, primary component of omega 3 and 6 acids), palmitic acid, and oleic acids, and 19 amino acids – the basic building blocks of perfect life.

What is Maca Root Good For?

Maca root benefits in humans

With such rich vitamins and minerals existing in a single root, the health benefits of maca is so extensive that till now, scientists are still amazed by the basic life properties of a maca root. Taken in either root form or powder form, maca root benefits in many ways: from aiding in fertility issues to better health through vitamin supplement, curing anemia and boosting bone structure, curing erectile dysfunction to arousal of sexual desire.

Maca root can also be consumed either baked or roasted. Peruvians used them as an ingredients for their soup. And it is now being produced as a fermented drink: maca chicha.

It also aids in most common illness in our generation: maca root for hormone balance in men and women, menstrual problems, stomach cancer, depression, leukemia, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and boosting ones immune system.

Maca Benefits in Agriculture

As a fertility aid in humans, in agriculture, it is also used to increase fertility in livestock. Some instances used these in powdered form as fertilizer in soil reserved for high altitude crops. Such extensive benefits of maca is the reason why the Incas, the Mayans, and the Aztecs civilization have flourished for centuries without European interference in antiquity.

Maca Root as Food Supplements

And with technologies coupled with advance scientific studies, maca root can now be found in a wide range of maca herbal supplements, either thru pills or capsules and maca root-flavored coffee, aside from the usual root/herb and powder products.

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