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Maca Root Fertility

Ever wonder why lots of people continue to try and purchase new “off-the-shelf” herbal medicines, especially when it comes to fertility issues even on the face of severe side-effects?

Ever wonder why every now and then, new drugs are released, and later on pulled out of the market? It is because the wonder drug, maca root, has been used by the Peruvians for centuries, but due to the roots’ habitation, maca root can only be grown, cultivated and harvested in the Andes Mountains.

Role of Maca Root and Fertility
The Mayans and Incas have used maca root for fertility rites since the ancient time. It is said that through these root crops, their numbers greatly multiplied. One of the main benefits of maca is aiding in fertility issues.

There are many benefits of maca root on fertility. Studies show that maca root benefits fertility greatly. By increasing hormone balance in men, sperm counts and production increases, thereby increasing the chance of fertility. In women, it regulates their menstruation cycle, thus increase the ovulation period for women.

Another maca fertility benefits is the increase of sexual vigor and drive in both gender. As an energy enhancer, you can have the stamina needed after a long winded day and still perform well in bed. Not only does it increase your stamina, it also increases your libido, making you perform better in bed.

Availability of Maca Root
Maca root, as a native root crop in the Andes region of Peru and Chile, can only be grown in their native land. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of people were constantly looks for alternative herbal medicine with less to no side effects to aid in their fertility woes. But with the advent of advance science and technology, you can now buy maca root powder for fertility in the market. All maca products in any forms, like maca herbal supplement, or the maca capsules for women are good as maca for fertility aid.

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