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Maca Root Usage

In any normal scenarios, people would always be wary on taking too much or too less of their herbal supplements. The first, being with the fear of over-dosage, and the second, because of a possible side-effect on their herbal supplements.

But, with the commercialization of the wonder herb called maca root, a native crop of Andes Mountain, you would not have to worry on too much or too less maca dosage. Though maca powder dosage may vary from person to person, but overall, it may be taken in moderate quantity, since maca root is a staple diet of the Andes people because of the wide benefits of maca root.

How Do You Take Maca Powder
One might ask, “how do I use maca powder” or “how do I take maca powder” then? It is simple. Most powder form can either be filled in a capsule, which is, in this case, a more concentrated form, or, if purely in a powder form, can be prepared as one of the main ingredients of a soup based maca root. As a matter of fact, maca root now comes in as a maca root powder in coffee, thereby eliminating the need to find ways on how to use maca powder.

Maca Root Powder Dosage
The ancient Mayans and Incas, and unto this day, the Peruvians, uses maca root as one of their staple food. Thus, such practice shows us on how to take maca. But if taken in as a capsule or pill form, one capsule or pill per meal should suffice. And since no adverse side effect were found to be associated with the root crop, all age and all gender can safely take maca root in any form: capsule, pills or powdered form.

With so much health benefits of maca, maca capsules for men or maca pills for women are now being commercialized and sold in the market on a more regular basis. Most packaging will indicate the proper amount of dosage needed to fully be effective, so it would be better to follow such instruction, even if maca root can be taken in huge quantity with no side effects. Like the most common saying, “it is better to be safe than to be sorry”.

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