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Maca To Balance Hormones in Women

One of the most common uses that every herb poses is to aid in hormonal balance. Rise in testosterone in men and estrogen in women is one of the most common effects of maca for hormones.

For women, it increases estrogen level, aiding them in their menstrual symptoms. Another effect of rise in estrogen is breast enhancement.

It is well established that through a rise in estrogen, the enhancement of breast is more prominent. It also decreases testosterone level in women, making them less hair, thus making them lady-like.

Another study shows that by increasing estrogen level, menstrual cycle is more on the spot, making them a regular occurance in women. Also, for breastfeeding mothers, a rise in estrogen will make them lactate more, thereby aiding them in breastfeeding their babies.

Estrogen also aids in enhancement of female’s secondary traits, like enhancement in body shape, better hair color, smoother skin, and the like.

Maca for Hormone Balance in Men
Just like in women, maca root hormone balance exists for men. The main traits that are affected with the rise of testosterone level are increase in sexual drive, making men more aroused with no side effects to worry about. The health benefits of maca also include maintaining and enhancement of male reproductive system functioning, such as reproduction and development of sperm.

But not only are the main traits being enhanced by maca’s hormone balance, but also the secondary traits of men. These traits range from the coarseness/depth of the voice, more hair growth like moustache and beard, greater bodily structure for men, and better muscular toning and enhancement,

With so many benefits, maca root balances hormones in any gender, making such maca root for hormone balance a breakthrough in medicine. With no known side effects, it is now being marketed as the next wonder drug, available as either maca herbal supplement, or as maca pills for women.

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